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Decorating Any Space on a Budget

Every one of us has some space somewhere in our house, apartment or bedsit that we are simply not happy with. In today’s economy, every inch of space we can afford is precious, so nothing should be wasted. Who wants to pay rent or mortgage on space they don’t even use? I am going to share some tips with you to renovate that space and make every inch of your house, a home. I learned these tips when working for a firm that does attic conversions in Chesham.

Contrasting Colour Wall

Colour can make or break a space. If you have a really small area (eg. a tiny bathroom or spare bedroom), get rid of that cave feeling and give it a make-over. You can either paint the entire room for a more traditional feel, or go modern with a contrast wall (only paint one wall). For small spaces, make sure you pick light, bright colours. Dark colours will make a small room seem like the walls are closing in; especially if there isn’t a natural light source, like a window. If you want a modern look and feel, pick a vibrant colour, like a bright red or a royal blue, for your contrast wall and decorate it with some sparse paintings or modern artwork. This will really focus a room and make it more interesting. Colours can also be used to invoke moods and feelings. Calming blues and greens are good for bedrooms and peaceful spaces, while bright reds and yellows are good for energetic atmospheres and party rooms.


Don’t dismiss the local Salvation Army, charity shop, boot sale or yard sale, when it comes to furniture, or even decor ideas. You never know what you can find: Just make sure you know that whatever you are planning on purchasing, is going to fit into your space, because they are not likely to refund your money. I personally don’t like to sleep on second-hand beds, but you can find some really good cheap mattresses on this site. Also, just because you don’t like the fabric of a piece, don’t throw the idea out: Recovering furniture is easy enough to learn how to do (and fairly cheap if you keep an eye on the local fabric store sales) and throws or covers will change that lacklustre floral print into something that fits your style perfectly.

For your small spaces; extra storage, like shelving and stylish boxes; will add depth and the illusion of extra space when there isn’t really any. For those extra things like coffee, dining, and side tables; some sand paper and stain, or even some paint (for you modern-ist lovers) can transform that bargain coffee table into a conversation starter: Not to mention how impressed your friends will be when they hear how handy you are! Lastly, bigger is not always better; Sometimes a few smaller chairs and love seats are better for your space than a bulky couch. Remember, you can make any space work for you.

Personalized space using accessories

Accessories are often skimped on, because people don’t think they are important, but do not be one of those people. It is amazing how much different a space can be, even if you just add a few picture frames. The other great thing about this category is that it can be personalised to each persons likes and wants. So, once your colour is done and your furniture is in and finished, it is time to pick your extras. Pick things that speak to you but that won’t overwhelm the area. These are the extras in the movie, not the stars! Pick lamps for the dark corners and art for the walls (if you are feeling especially creative, make your own art) and rugs for the floors. No detail is too small to make your previously unwanted space your new favourite spot. Visit the charity shops and yard sales again, and don’t forget to check out the back to school sales.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to personalise your room; just make it yours. Colour will bring new life, new (used) furniture will give it a new feel, and accessories will make that room your new favourite chill spot. Don’t be afraid to take chances and try new things. Who knows, you might even enjoy some of the new skills you learn.


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