Hardwood Flooring

Strong Wood

Organic, genuine, gorgeous– strong wood is the desirable option in floor covering. An ageless choice that collaborates with lots of designs, strong wood floorings offer efficiency and toughness that lasts a life time, with the versatility to constantly stay in design and on pattern. Frequently mimicked, never ever duplicated, DesignDot Flooring strong wood floorings are happily made in the USA with locally sourced lumber, a naturally sustainable resource.

Engineered Hardwood

Engineered wood floor covering is built from numerous plies of wood with a wood leading layer. Listed below the leading layer, cross layers of plywood are pushed to produce a strong, steady core that is additional enhanced by a layer of wood support on the bottom. This multi-ply structure typically provides crafted wood the versatility to be set up in basements, over concrete subfloors and over radiant heat systems.

Prefinished vs. Site-Finished Hardwood

All DesignDot wood floor covering comes pre-finished for a no hassle, no muss setup. There’s no dust from sanding, no fumes from chemicals, no waiting on the surface to dry. These floorings are necessitated to last longer than site-finished floorings– usually 5 to 35 years, for domestic usage versus 3 to 5 years. This is due to the fact that factory used urethane surfaces are much harder and longer enduring than site-applied surfaces. If you like the appearance of site-finished floor covering, however desire the toughness of prefinished floor covering, pick an item with a square end and edge.


The fantastic range in wood floor covering options originates from the types’ natural colors, discolorations and surfaces, as well as the wood’s propensity to lighten or darken discreetly with age and sun direct exposure. House lighting is a consider how your completed flooring will look, too.

Board-to-Board Color Variation

Natural wood boards differ in color from board-to-board. This variation becomes part of the appeal of wood floor covering. The quantity of color variation is identified by the types.


DesignDot distinctions in wood types are as remarkable as they are stunning, from the noticable grain of oak to the fine, straight grain of maple. Exotics like tigerwood and Brazilian cherry deal striking planning to produce a strong style declaration.

Firmness Scale

Woods utilized in floor covering are offered a firmness score which shows how resistant the wood is to damages and use. As you would anticipate, more difficult woods are much better able to endure imprints than softer woods. Think about oak, maple, or Brazilian cherry for the best sturdiness.


Wood floor covering can be available in strips or slabs. “Strips” are board widths of less than 3 inches. “Planks” are 3 inches or larger. Board width considerably impacts the set up appearance of a flooring. Wide width wood slabs are charming in a big space, however can overwhelm a little one. Select what deal with the design and size of your space.

Edge Detail

The method the edges and completions of the boards are cut is called edge/end information. Choices consist of square, microbeveled, alleviated and beveled. For a significant result, choose a diagonal edge/end information that highlights the meaning of specific boards. Square edges/ends produce a smooth and almost smooth look.


Whether you pick high-gloss or low-gloss, neither will impact the resilience or efficiency of wood floor covering. Low-gloss and light-colored floorings can conceal the small scratches that can collect gradually. Greater gloss floorings do not conceal scratches also.


Whether your tastes go to hand-sculpted, standard or unique, you’ll discover an appearance you’ll enjoy in DesignDot’s wood floor covering. Check out the lots of looks offered from a smooth surface area that improves a smooth, advanced, more modern decoration to a hand-scraped surface area that produces a more casual appearance.