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Finding the best gps tracking devices for you home

Imagine a tracking device you can place on your wallet, in your purse or on your keychain that is so small that a thief wouldn’t even notice it. That sounds like the stuff of science fiction, doesn’t it? Well, it’s reality today, and you can buy GPS tracking devices that are about the size of a quarter.

You can put them on just about anything, and they can be disguised as a sticker, a keychain or some kind of decoration. Unless you know what it is, you probably wouldn’t suspect the tracking device of being anything other than something ornamental.

You can track the GPS chip using a Bluetooth enabled device or with a designated tracker. You have a lot of options as to how large the GPS item is, how you want to track it, what notifications you receive and even how precisely you can track items that have been lost or stolen. Many of these tracking systems are accurate up to about five feet. You can also find Fleet tracking dash cams becoming a popular gps system.

Discretion is a big part of what makes modern home GPS tracking work. Because the devices are so small and so easily disguised, you can use them to accurately track your items no matter where they have been taken. Of course, the same technology allows you to find your keys when you lose them in the house or locate your phone when you left it at a restaurant. Even if your valuables are never stolen, there are still plenty of uses for an item small enough to be discreet and placed on a valuable you have.

That means you can use your wallet, phone, purse, etc. like normal without having a clunky item attached that looks out of place or makes it uncomfortable to put these items in your pockets.

At the same time, if someone were to steal your valuables, then they should not suspect that the item is being tracked. They may not think to take off the small keychain or quarter-sized sticker you have placed on there as a tracking device because it looks so inconspicuous.

This technology is new enough that most thieves are not going to think twice when they steal something. They don’t have any reason to suspect that your valuable is tagged, and you should be able to track them back down.

Having such discreet GPS tracking can give you incredible peace of mind. You can feel assured knowing that if you were to lose an essential item or if someone were to steal it from you, then you could recover it, either on your own or with the assistance of the police.

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